The Winter of My Country

Last night I asked the sky

Hey why you are dry?

Sky told me:

I am angry with you and

your countrymen

They fight

They kill

They commit suicide

They are cruel

They love blood

More than water

So I am angry.

I looked at the sky, and I kissed her hands

and told her, Dear Sky

You know what you say,

I agree

I agree

But women are not cruel

And children are lovely

They love the snow

So Sky

Dear Sky

Please snow .

I want to make a snow-girl

I want to paint it in my writing.

By Tabasom


6 responses to “The Winter of My Country

  1. Dear Tabasom
    Thank you for your wonderful poem. I was so inspired by your words – I want to make a snow-girl. It made me wonder why we have always called them snow-men? I don’t know. But next time it snows here I will make a snow-girl and think of you. Keep painting these wonderful ideas in your writing!

  2. So beautiful, so beautiful. I want to make a snow-girl, too. Thank you for sharing this powerful, moving poem with us. I have a feeling this poem is going to stay with me for a long time.

    All best,

  3. Loved the poem. Sorry I do not have the words to express how it makes me feel. I have for too long repressed my emotions. I am learning again.

  4. Tabasom,

    Your poem is beautiful. It is snowing in New York City right now, and I’m going to take my dog outside and play in the snow, and think of you. So often we let the snow bother us, but today I’m going to relish it! Thanks!

  5. Tres Bon! What a wonderful expression of pragmatic realism filled with emotion and art. This is very moving and so many fully agree. There definitely needs to be more snow girls!

  6. “But women are not cruel / and children are lovely ” are beautiful lines. Thank you for writing and sharing them.

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