My Pen

My lovely blue
You are with me
As I travel
My pen
You write everything about me
You know the meaning of Please
Rewrite my destiny

You know the boy sitting alone in the street
No legs
No hands
No hopes
Nature forgot him
Rewrite his destiny

You saw the woman
Her face was Fall
she was a mother of pain
Sick but strong
Had no penny to have a pill
Rewrite her destiny

You saw our neighbor’s son
He doesn’t sleep at night
there is nothing to eat
He paints the face of cakes and cookies
Hangs them on the wall
Rewrite his destiny

My pen
Tell your friends
Join us, be true, be honest
Write a new page
In humanity’s destiny
Promise, my pen
Promise me

By Roya


4 responses to “My Pen

  1. Amazing!! Please never stop…

  2. Rewrite my destiny! Amazing Roya Jaan.

  3. Unbelievable. The pen is power.

  4. This is beautiful and deep emotional express. It is a perfect demonstration of the power of written words.

    Thank you Roya.

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