Peace Appears

There is a knocking on the door
Then let the door open…
Towards what?
Towards peace

But Peace said:
“I want to appear
When there is
No war, no murder,
No suicide attacker, no human trafficking,
No violations against women,
No famine, no corruption,
And there will be security,
Brotherhood, humanity,
Education, knowledge,
Freedom of speech.”
In where?
In our country

Then peace will spread its wings over the land
But we must not let
War or fire burn its wings
And change its color to black
Or let illiteracy blind its eyes
Or let violence create a cancer
And change its joyful face to a sorrowful frown

Not let corruption and narcotics addict Peace
Not let poverty break the waist of Peace
Not let violations against women break its wing
Not let censorship limit freedom of speech
Not let our enemy destroy traces of ancient worlds
Not let that irritant music of war,
Suicide attackers, human traffickers, murderers
Explosions, fires, violations
Cover our country

To dwell in peace
We must become her best friend
Yes, but who will do that?
It will be knowledge and security
Which lights all peoples’ minds
And delivers equality and shines
Over the world like the sun.

By Freshta


4 responses to “Peace Appears

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  2. This is a hopeful poem even as you describe terrible things. I like the third stanza the best with your image of peace flying over the land. Nice writing.

  3. I love that you give peace a voice, a body, a spirit. Lovely – thank you. May your hopes come true.

  4. When I read your poem the first time a dark shadow fell over me. I read it again and found the hope therein. How might we move toward that knowledge and security together (without violence)? We must all think about the possibilities and spread the word in whatever way we can. You are doing so through your writing. Thank you.

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