Winter for Poor

Poor said:
When winter comes
Death comes
Cold house
No electricity
No fuel
No warm clothes
No food
No chance to work
On the street
Streets filled with slosh, mud
Where should we work?
When winter comes
Sickness comes
No kind doctor
No free clinics
No good medicine
In the pharmacy
An expired drug
Waiting for me
Where should we recover?

By Freshta


3 responses to “Winter for Poor

  1. A person doesn’t have much, if they don’t have their health. Your words point out that everyone needs food, shelter, clothing, AND healthcare. Nicely written.

  2. Freshta — This is a strong poem. The repetition of “no” works well to get across the dire conditions of the poor in winter. “No” is also what the poor are told over and over again. Nice work.

  3. “Where should we recover,” an interesting use of structure. Sometimes translation inhances a piece of writing, allows for a new way to look at, even the most dire, circumstances. I wish to lift you up in the way that your poetry lifts me up.
    I keep you in my thoughts my poet/friend.

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