Come Back

(Note:This poem is in memory of Rosemary Stasek)

Come back
the season of my life is fall
without you
the night is darker, from the time you left
the house looks sad
there is winter everywhere
you are not here

The world has a smell of loneliness
from the last time we met
the cup of coffee is still on the table
without you, my heart of happiness is broken
though this world is full of people
there is a lack of you everywhere

Come back, this world is
alone without you
sad without your smile

By Roya


3 responses to “Come Back

  1. Dear Roya,
    This poem is so beautiful. It overflows with love and longing. Your unique and startling language jumps of the page and grabs my heart.

  2. Roya — Your word choices and use of language cut right to the heart of your deep pain and longing for your friend to return to you. The line “there is a lack of you everywhere” is perfect — and unique. You are a poet like no other. Rosemary would be (and was) very proud of you.

  3. I love the line, “there is a lack you you everywhere.” Beautiful. I wonder if you could name some of those “everywhere” places either before or after that line, pull in the surroundings, setting. When I read your poems Roya, I am transformed. I also take you into my daily life. Be well.

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