Don’t Leave Me Alone

I was alone at night
With my sorrows
Holding mother’s hand.
It was silent all night,
Except for the sound of my breath.
But I could feel that my hand
Was with someone
“Don’t leave me alone!”

Full of tears
I knocked on all doors
I heard no answer.
Finally, my heart cried and said,
“Why are you restless?”
I was afraid losing someone
I looked around and saw only myself
I wanted to do something but couldn’t.
Now, no one can help you…
I knelt to God… “Don’t leave me alone.”

In that sad moment
No one held out a hand.
I waited all the night,
But morning didn’t come
Suddenly, in a real dark world
I heard crying
And saw people carrying
A white cloth
And I called out to my mother
“Don’t leave me alone.”

She took her hand from mine
And said, “This way of life, we all
Must one day leave…every season
Must end.
Nothing lives forever.”

By Shogofa


2 responses to “Don’t Leave Me Alone

  1. Shogofa,
    I like the impulse in this poem–this need not to be alone. I would like to see more specific detail; this would help the readers visualize this loneliness.

  2. The plaintive cry of “don’t leave me alone” is stark and makes the pain of this poem very clear. It is sad and beautifully written.

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