I Think About Poor Children

Every day on my way to the office
I see children without shoes
Wearing old clothes;
they are not warm enough.
I see them in the morning,
They have not had their breakfast
Because they had not a bread loaf at home.
On the other side
I see children with many possibilities
They have schooling,
They are not walking to their school
They are dressed very nicely.
I think about both kinds of children
The one looking for a piece of bread
And the one who has everything.
I can ask God to keep them healthy
I ask God to give them equal rights.
Directors and high-ranking people
Send their children
To the most expensive schools
But they never think about those
Who sleep without dinner.
I do not know why
They do not do something
For the poorest of us.
I do not know what I can do
For poor children,
When I see them
I try to give them a pen
They say, “Sister, give me money.
I want to buy food for my family.”
They are very young
And can think only about food
For their family.
Without education,
What will be their future?
Who is responsible?
It is our government,
And it is me,
And it is you.
We all are responsible for them.

By Seeta


5 responses to “I Think About Poor Children

  1. Your poems are becoming as powerful as your journalistic voice, Seeta. This beautiful poem is a reminder to us all that we need to care for each other — always.

  2. Dear Seeta,
    This is a powerful poem and one I will share with my children’s schools. Thank you for writing it.

  3. Dear Seeta,
    This is a poem everyone all over the world should read. Thank you for your powerful and honest voice.

  4. Melissa Darnell

    Beautiful, brave, powerful. Thank you for sharing your voice, Seeta.

  5. Dear Seeta:

    There are rich and poor in our country too, but there are many more avenues to help here. I extend my hand to those in my community and in doing so hope they extend their hand outward too. I see hand after hand meeting until one reaches the children of your country. Your people will rise up and take control of their lives…be patient, it will come. I share your sadness, but also extend my hand in understanding and hope.

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