The Nature of Natures

Rain appears from clouds

Tears appear from eyes

Blood appears from wounds

Wounds appear from grief

Poverty appears from brokenness

Anger appears from high tension

War appears from conflict

Love appears from the heart

Pleasure appears from doing your wishes

Being active appears from hard work

Cold appears in winter

Warmth appears in summer

Blossoms appear in Spring

Nature wearing yellow clothes appears in Fall

The sun’s twinkle appears in a cloudy sky

Cleanness appears from care

Corruption appears from greed

Leadership emerges from good management

Skill appears from experience

Experience appears from practice

Friendship appears from good will

Wisdom appears when there is no censorship.

By Freshta


3 responses to “The Nature of Natures

  1. That poem really makes one think about things in a deeper way. Thanks so much for sharing. I really enjoyed your poem.

  2. “Wisdom appears when there is no censorship” is a powerful line. I’ve never heard such an expression or correlation between the two necessarily. At some point you might consider pulling this line out and writing more about it — either in another poem or in an essay. It’s quite intriguing. Lovely writing.

  3. Beautiful work yet again, Freshta. Your last line is perfect — and a completely new way of thinking about wisdom. An impressive insight!

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