You have the same face

same face

as my life

You are as disconsolate

as me,

I know this from your face


You look as gloomy

as my heart

you are despondent

as my eyes when they look at

Jonquil gardens


I love your silence

I love your tolerance

listening to my rue

I love your simplicity

Just like wild poppies

Like wild poppies…

By Roya


2 responses to “Night

  1. I am seeing such strength and incredible development in your writing. The cadence and the repitition works very well in this piece of writing. What I would suggest is to trim the use of adjectives…don’t eliminate them, just use them wisely. I don’t usually see night as solace, but will think of your interpretation on my darkest nights.


  2. I understood this poem so well. I, too, find solace, “silence and tolerance,” in night. There are no expectations about night. A beautifully written poem.

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