Every Time

Every time you walk out the door,
I feel my heart pounding more
Wondering what I have done wrong,
To make you look down.
I want to run after you and say
“I’m sorry.”
Yet you walk so fast and
I lose your sight.
When you come back through the door
I feel my day and night is brought to life.
When you come close and hold me in your arms
I think to myself, “Everything is fine, he’ll stay for life.”

By Aisha


5 responses to “Every Time

  1. Aisha — I loved this poem. I can feel the yearning and confusion. It reminded me of how I felt as a young girl when my father would leave for long trips, I didn’t understand why he would leave and worried he would not come back. Thank you for making that connection!

  2. I like the tension and anxiety you’ve managed to portray in this short, lyrical poem, Aisha. Nice job.

  3. I like the poem. It sounds like what many women who have experienced domestic violence feel. That they believe the violence is their fault and that everything will be okay – because their lover or partner returns.

    Reality domestic violence is not all right.

    • Dear Beth Malchus,

      at first L hope our feeling okay, and after that I would like to tell you that women who have experienced domestic violence do not believe that it is their fault, but they blame their men. And also they rather their men do not return home at all if there is not hope in them changing.

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