Cheap Tears

You look at me

My tears look

Cheap to you

           Very cheap…

But when I cry

Tears are born

Those tears

Change life’s color



I don’t know why

        Why at first tears ruin me

              And at last tears bring peace

In the end I feel

Life is sweet

        It is sweet

                With its pain

                      With its tears…

By Roya


7 responses to “Cheap Tears

  1. This is an absolutely gorgeous piece of work. Thank you for this. It says what I’ve felt, myself.

  2. Oh my dear, my heart goes out to you. I can’t imagine losing a friend that way. We are very blessed in our country. I hope that women in your country will have freedom to learn, to express themselves, to be seen in all of their natural beauty and intelligence. This I pray.
    Your story gives me a close look into the heart of a schoolgirl. It also shows your strength simply because you continue to go to school, to learn, to express yourself. Your story could be stretched into a longer piece of writing. I would like to see the setting more clearly, the rooms, the landscape in which this all happened.

    Thank you for sharing this heart-wrenching story with me.


  3. Another beautiful poem, Roya.

  4. Roya, you’re a gifted writer and a poet. Reading your work is always a bittersweet experience, because it’s beautifully written, but it seems to be borne out of a sense of great loss.

    I hope you stay well.

  5. Roya, your poem has alot of meaning and emotions in it. It shows great strengths you have as a writer.

  6. Iam sorry!!! Sitara’s father should know that the person who had made him live in this world is also a women!!! I will really pray for the women in Afganistan!! May peace and freedom come to you at the earliest!!!

  7. My prayers go out to the women of Afghanistan. Seeing your suffering under unfair and overly harsh law is a travesty to all of humanity.
    Please continue to write. There are men like myself who are willing to join your cause and help all we can. Stay safe and i hope your muse of inspiration is never ending.

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