News Trip

One of my biggest wishes
is to be a famous journalist,
Going around the world
to see different people
to get to know them.
Trying to learn all the languages
that people can speak.
I am starting now
stepping toward my wishes.
I want to tell my country’s history
I have confidence in that possibility.
The only problem is
to convince my family.
The timing is not good to be a female journalist in Afghanistan
It is one of the riskiest jobs.
Their fear is understandable, but…
By my family’s wishes, I will be a doctor.
“In that case I will be a surgeon,” I say.
“You choose the most dangerous work,” says my family.
Surely, no matter what, I will take part in politics
Which is still a risk.

By Fatima


3 responses to “News Trip

  1. I am awed by your bravery — and your writing is beautiful besides!

  2. Be a doctor! And write too – like Chekhov. A young man I know always wanted to be a general practicioner – a family doctor – in a big practice in a poor area. Now he’s doing that, and I’m proud of him.

    I love your line “stepping towards my wishes”.

  3. Thanks, I am happy that I write these poems and essays that everyone is liking them. I started it when I felt very different not good or bad, but I wanted to overcome with the decision eventhough I knew that I have so much time, but I wanted to get my mind out of it. So, I went to the basement and started writing.

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