My heart is old with your spring memories

My hair has streaks the color of snow

You remain

In feelings




You know?

I had green dreams

While my head rested on your knees

And the touch of your fingers on my hair

Smelled of kindness

Here no one shakes hands

Friendship died

Send me a hug

I want to nest in your shadow

Now without you

I breathe



But I am not alive.

By Roya


5 responses to “Dad

  1. Oh Roya, this poem is so deeply moving to me. I feel so much when I read each line. I am sorry for your loss, and I must think that your father smiles and cries when he hears these words read aloud. What a talented, blessed daughter he brought this world!

    The first line is profound to me. And then that second line, the streaks the color of snow: so vivid. And then the following lines, so wonderfully tactile, I can feel that aching for his touch, for his loving presence.

    I know you will have green dreams again.

    Thank you for sharing this, Roya. You’re not just expressing your deep feelings. You are evoking them in your readers with your strong poetry.


  2. Gloria Nixon-John


    I would like to comment on the lines that touched me the most: I feel your emotions swelling on the word breathe, the repetition of that word makes me inhale deeply with you. Of if only we could hold hands and breathe together Roya. We all experience loss but some of it is natural and expected. I feel with the reference to green that something has been taken from you in an unnatural way. Know that I will keep your green dreams in my heart as well. It was a pleasure reading your work.

    Dr. Glo

  3. I wish one day Afghanian women get thier right to live right and get thier own rights.

  4. Tomorrow gona be beter day for Afgahanian women, if they keep challenging.

  5. By now I should not be surprised by the quality of your writing and the strength of your words — but I am. This is one of your best poems yet. Your use of language is wonderful. I loved the way your father’s fingers “smelled of kindness” and how you want to “nest in his shadow”. Wow.

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