The Rain

The smell of fresh grass made me think of you
While sitting all alone behind the broken old window of my room.
My dear friend wrapped in your wet clothes
Running all over the grassy, muddy yard,
Calling my name.
On that day,
I was sitting behind the blurry window
Fogged from the heat of the room
Observing the heavy drops of rain
Hitting the tall green grass
And enjoying the fresh smell of it.
I came out
Quick and easy
Jumped down the stairs to hold your hands.
I felt the heavy cool drops of the rain on my face
And the coldness and wetness of your hands
Which made me shiver.
We started singing
An old folklore song
Gul saname gul saname gul saname…
And dancing together
With lots of joy and laughter.
We were all wet,
From head to feet,
Muddy up to our knees
With big smiles on our faces
Dancing in the heavy rain.
Now when it rains,
The smell of fresh grass
Reminds me of the good times
That I spent with you
Reminds me of the good times
That I spent with you,
My dear lovely friend.

By Fattema


4 responses to “The Rain

  1. The structure of this poem is very nice. The use of rain and fresh grass as motifs works very well to instill a sense of hope.

  2. This is so joyful and beautiful! It makes me happy reading it but at the same time the poignancy of it brought tears to my eyes. A lovely, lovely poem!

  3. The poem, which does conjure images of joy and hope also has an obvious sadness that hangs over it right from the beginning. As a writing technique it is difficult to weave the interplay of all such emotions in just one piece and yet you have done it beautifully. I agree the poem is lovely!

  4. I don’t find any other words to explain my gratitude to you all for all the great work that you do, but just to say Thank You…thank you for all your encouragements 🙂 really appreciate it.

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