Three Poems

Sweet Smile

Home has the smell of loneliness
walls are crying
the apple tree in the yard is thirsty
even the World has the smell of our house
you know?
How many Saturdays have I waited?
But you are late
It is me
Smell your sweet smile
on the face of flowers!
In the garden of loneliness.

Night of lovers

Full of happiness
kind like the sun
full of songs of dreams
a tree raised in the yard of your house
I like to be the sparrow
flying round the
tree watching you
sitting on the wooden chair
drinking coffee
reading poems
in front of the mirror
lighting candles
to bright the dark
night of lovers!

Tears in my pillow

Last night

Moon was my witness

Only lonely

I cried

For my loneliness

I cried why?

Feelings froze

Kindness escaped

Love hid behind Fairy Mountains


Honesty is the dream

Dream of golden fishes of the river

I cried

Lonely for my loneliness

Night was silent, but sad

Watching tears in my pillow.

By Roya


5 responses to “Three Poems

  1. Each time I read one of your poems I am blown away all over again by your talent. The beauty of your words, your passion and your strong voice all combine for the perfect emotional effect. I hope one day all of your words will be combined in one book so I can buy a copy!

  2. Dear Roya, your poems make me feel the way I do when I read the poems of the great Sufi poet Hafiz, or when I read the poems of the Polish poet Czeslaw Milosz. You stand in the same garden as them and aren’t afraid to speak.

  3. Gloria Nixon-John

    Dear Roya:

    There is so much I would like to say to you over a cup of coffee, face to face. Your writing shows great promise and personification and imagery comes so easily to you. When you repeat words and images they seem to soar. I am a poet too, and I would be glad to share my writing with you as well.

    Dr. Gloria Nixon-John, Oxford Michigan

  4. Lovely, lovely, lovely. Just so wonderful to read.

  5. Roya – Amazing! I got chills just reading this. Powerful words that so many of us can relate to around our own circumstances as well. Truly an inspiration to read these women’s work, as always.

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