Listen to me,

My rude friend.

Do you know?

What was your reward?




No thanks, life

For what you gave me.

You know what?

With a small heart, you gave me big sorrows.

I smelled your night, bitter.

I touched your days, cold.

I saw your face, tired.

I found your people not keen.


You, life…

For me to tolerate.

You enjoy.

Bury my hopes.

Kill my poems.

Silence my voice.

Hurt my feelings.

But I am the bird

And can fly with broken feathers.

I promise you, life,

And remember it:

You can stop me from breathing,

But you cant stop my writing.

My poems are songs of


By Roya


7 responses to “Life!

  1. Your poems are great! Hope to read more of it!

  2. Dear Roya,
    Fly! I love how you speak directly to life in his/her rudeness and power, but you do have the power of voice over her/him.
    Love, Rachel

  3. This is one of my very favorite of your poems, Roya. It’s so unique that you’re speaking to “life,” and I love that in the end you tell life that you won’t be defeated by it. Keep writing!

  4. Roya–I enjoy the passion in your voice.

  5. This is your most powerful poem yet — full of anger and passion and hope. You are my new favorite poet. I can’t wait to read more of your work!

  6. This is so beautiful! I am crying as I read this. Thank you for these powerful words!

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