Four Poems


The address of my house is difficult to say

Because I live in a land

Where no one lives


Sun presents darkness

No bird flies in the sky of my wishes

Loneliness is the only friend

World War

Who knows what will happen


I heard from sparrows

Talking on the tree of our neighbor’s yard

A secret

World War III will happen

If you look sad again.

Song of smile

My poem book is lost

In the jungle of your eyes.

Should I quit?

No, never…

I have my guitar to

Sing the song

Of your smile.

Afghan Woman

Who asks about my identity?

I am lost on the pages of history books.

Look at my tired face

And the dried tears in my eyes.

My first name is “Afghan woman”

My last name is “Suffer.”

By Roya


5 responses to “Four Poems

  1. The address of my house is difficult to say…sparrows talking on a neighbor’s tree…if you look sad…guitar…who asks about my identity?

    These are the images, lines, questions that will stay with me. Thank you for that.

    I would ask that you continue with *Afghan Woman.* Are there more concrete details, images you can add? Those telling details that belong only to you, and other women like you? And those that no doubt are shared by women all over the globe? Just something to think about…

    Reading on now. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Dear Roya, You are a powerful poet, and through your poems, you will not be a woman lost on the pages of a history book. Your voice is with me. Quit – never, my dear. Love, Rachel

  3. Thank you for giving us a look into the lives of Afghan women. You have a skill for expressing things in a unique way. I can’t wait to read more!

  4. Hi,
    I like the simplicity of your work–I especially like the talking sparrows and would like to see more images like this one.

  5. Beautiful work — stunning images written in a spare way. Perfect!

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