A Walk

It was noon,
hot weather
The sun was shining
Students got off from school
My sister Leeda and I and
many other girls
started home
We were talking about our day
Our home was far away
All the other girls separated
We were left alone
We walked faster
Not good for girls to be alone
on the streets
My sister Leeda was afraid
I was too,
but I did not lose my confidence
We continued on our way

Suddenly I looked back
I saw a car following us
“Leeda, we must run,”
I told my sister
We were both afraid
We changed our path
We ran to another street
but the car followed
We had no phone,
no police to help us
We were running
The car was behind us

We came to a street with many houses
I knocked on a door
I told them the story
“Can you please help us?
Someone is following us.
We are scared.
We cannot walk home,”
I said to the woman at the door
She looked at me
and said “OK,
come in please
feel free
My home is your home.”

We went in and sat
There came a knock on the door
The woman opened the door
To another woman.
She asked what she wanted
The new woman said,
“I am very sick, please give me water!”
The woman got water for the woman by the door
“Please make this woman leave,”
I said to the woman of the house
“She was in that car
that followed us
She has come to find out about us.”
She gave water to woman
Then the woman waited
in front of the house and
we waited too
My mother was worried
She did not know where we were

The kind woman had a car
She asked her brother to drive us to our house
“Thank you so much,” I told the woman
We drove to our home
My mother was at the gate
She was angry that we were late
I told her the story
She said that we must call the police
because she was a police officer
She called her office
A car came to search
My mother and I tried
to find
the man and woman
the kidnappers
but we could not

A dangerous day for
my sister and me
After that my father bought a car
to take us to school and
back home.
(Eds note: kidnapping for ransom is a growing threat in Afghanistan.)

By Seeta


3 responses to “A Walk

  1. What a terrifying story, Seeta. I am glad and relieved to know that you and your sister were safe. I hope that you and your family will continue to be OK.

    If you were to continue with this piece, either as a poem or as prose, I would love for you to think about how this experience changed you, if it indeed changed you. Did it change your thinking? Your routines? Did it make you more or less afraid? How about for your sister, or for your mother? Were you somehow blamed for any of this? Of course you don’t need to answer these questions for this to be a strong piece, but this is what I am curious about after reading.

    Also, you might consider, in the beginning, or at some point in the poem, giving us details of the senses. What is it like to walk around where you live? What do you hear, smell, taste, touch, see? A few telling details can really ground the reader in your world. At least a little bit.

    Thank you for sharing this. Keep writing!


  2. Hello Seeta,

    Thanks God you and your sister were protected in that house, and thanks to the kind women with her great help in protecting you.

    Unfortunately every Afghan in Afghanistan is facing different problems, some with kidnappers some with Taliban some with Government and some with economical problems, there are only few people living with no worries in Afghanistan and every Afghan knows who they are.

    I always think how long these problems will continue, will there be an end to these problems????, We have people from all around the world to protect our country and to ensure our safety but unfortunately they never could.

    Millions of dollars are donated to our country but unfortunately these donations are not for the important and immediate needs of Afghanistan.

    With these millions of dollars we yet do not have electricity, well education and security. Kabul has a 24 hrs temporary electricity from neighboring countries, whenever they want they can cut off the electricity and can make our lives dark and let our children die from the hot and cool weather in Afghanistan.

    Why the international community does not set together and does not want the real rehabilitation of Afghanistan?

    Why they spent billions of dollars that never helped Afghan people, I suggest that they all leave us alone and let us to be killed by Taliban. we will at least die for one time, but at the current situation we die every day, every minute and every second. we always look forward that in which bomb explosion we will die, is it a life????

    Stacy –
    Do not be interested to hear the answers, come to my country and have your thousand questions answered. come and see our children on streets, come and see us losing our people every day. come and see us living in 45d of hot weather with no electricity and see how our youngest children are dieing from this hot weather, come and see our women standing on the icy roads of Kabul with nothing on their feet and getting maximum of 100afs in a day (2 dollars).

    People love to hear stories about our lives but they never want to help us.

    Thank you.
    Khyber Himmat

  3. Dear Khyber,

    I hope very much to be able to come to Afghanistan. Until then, I am glad that we can inform each other and spread the word of what is happening in this way. I am proud of Seeta’s work and I am grateful that you have commented, and shared what you did.


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