Our Fault In This World

Life is difficult
We must fight life’s challenges
It makes me tired
Every time everything is lost
How should we stop living?
How should we live?
We do not know why
we are here in this world.
What is our aim?
What do we want?
My whole life I was expected
to reach my goals
But I never did and
I don’t know if I should expect more.
I am an Afghan.

Every day I hear that our people
are killing
or killed
roadside bomb
It is the biggest challenge in our lives

We cannot live as we want.
We must marry those
we do not choose.
Many girls forced
to marry elders.
Many girls prevented
an education.
Our youth become targets
Or smugglers,
Addicted to drugs.
My country is poppy producer
Taliban brought it to Afghanistan
We cannot drive from one province to another.

When will everything change?
Who is responsible for all this
in Afghanistan?
I and many others do not know
what will happen in our future

When I think of it, I get a headache
Searching for our fault in this world.

By Seeta


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