A Dream Was Lost But I Created Another

I have wishes in my heart and mind
to be a doctor in this world

Serve my people
my compatriots
save them from all dangers

My dream was discarded with time
Time showed me this was not my aim in life

Time changed my goals
Which I had in my life course

It changed my life way
As I was thinking every day

Exam results guided me to writing
To reflect people’s pain
Is better than everything

Time showed me a new way
Now I am living for it today

Told me that
A pen is the best power
No one can stand against its muscle

Now I aim to reach this way
in coming days

Serve disabled people
That war has created

Serve all worlds
Reflect their pain
through my words

Remove the adversity for women
through my statements
Give them equal rights
as human beings
as creatures

By Freshta


3 responses to “A Dream Was Lost But I Created Another

  1. What a powerful poem. I love the line that the pen is a muscle. Fantastic image. I love your vision for yourself; you are already on the path to your dream.

  2. Yes, I agree. Your description of a pen as a muscle is a powerful metaphor. Words definitely have the power to change, liberate, and heal.

  3. You are indeed very brave…….i support you in your cause……may allah be with you..

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