Taking a Chance

It was Wednesday. The weather was windy. I was working in my office typing a story when suddenly I got a call from a member of the provincial council.

“Seeta! How are you doing?”
“I am fine, thanks.”
“Seeta, please come to the governorship compound. There will be an English examination for a scholarship to the USA.”
“I am not ready to do this exam. I was not aware of the exam.”
“That is OK. You should come. I believe that you have the ability to pass this exam.”
“OK I will come.”

I thought that this would be a chance for me and that I should try to do it. I called my father to pick me.
“Father! I just got a call that there is a test in the Farah governor compound for a scholarship to the USA. Can you please come and take me there?”

“Yeah, this is a good chance for you; you must do it. I will be there in five minutes.” My father came and we got there and I went to the place for the exam. About seventy of Farah’s youth were starting the examination and I said hello to the governor and took the examination paper and I started my exam. It was not difficult.

The director of education gathered the papers and told us, “We will let you know who is going to advance to the next step.”

I got back to my office very nervous but I believed that I did well. Two day later, it was announced on TV that sixteen people succeeded, including me. I became happy and went to the next step which was an interview with the Provincial Reconstruction Team Commander (who was a lady) and U.S. representatives. I passed this one, too. After a few days it was announced that five people were successful, including a woman named Seeta. I became happier that day, because I had been selected out of seventy students in Farah province.

We were waiting for the people to call us and tell us the date of the next exam in Herat. It was a bad day when I got this call. My parents were not here in Farah. My mother was sick and had left for Kabul to have surgery. It was a very difficult day for me because I could not make the trip to Herat alone. I called my father and he asked my aunt to help me, and with lots of problems, I got to Herat for one day with my sisters and brother.

People said for us to attend the examination in the Marco Polo Hotel and I went there. I was waiting in the hotel lobby where I met a girl named Marzia and we talked about the exam. She had been accepted from among the Herat students. The exam started and we finished. I thought I passed it and did well, but the results were not good. I did not pass it. But ultimately it was good that I took this chance. I was able to show myself to people in Farah and after this I was offered jobs. Each NGO in Farah asked me to go and work for them; everyone was saying that Seeta knows English as well as any of the boys in Farah. This action of mine encouraged the other girls in Farah to start an English course and begin learning English for the first time.

By Seeta


3 responses to “Taking a Chance

  1. This is a well written essay and I’m sure you are an inspiration to other young women in your country. I think it’s wonderful that as a result of your taking a chance and all your hard work you were rewarded with job offers. Perfect!

  2. It was wonderful to be follow you along on this journey as it unfolded. The confident tone and content is inspiring to the women of your country but also, to those of us who calculate “success” before taking a chance. Thank you.

  3. I’m so glad that you took the test and got more chances even though you didn’t pass. You learned a great lesson — sometime we shoot for the moon and land on a star. Keep shooting for the moon!

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