Eyes – A Poem

I start my day with the alphabet of those magic eyes
I wait for them to tell me secrets.

I know their language . . .

They are the touch of the morning breeze when it
in paradise,
the smell of spring,
clouds in a January sky.

I stare at the tulip blooms in my life’s garden
and invite my soul

into the white house of

my heart

and wait for those blue and magic eyes.

I sit in front of a mirror and murmur
the love lyrics of
Rumi, King Farsi poetry
>Hafiz, the poet of love.
I think we travel the same path,
The path of love and desire . . .

Those eyes: song of hope,
croon of waterfall,
wail of canary,
sweeter than all sweets.

My soul is a bird
the sky,
to taste
in those eyes
the color of
black tea.

Those eyes tell me secrets
I have long searched for.
I grow young
when I gaze at the blue sky:

I want be with those eyes: fish in water.

I want to keep those eyes: stones in mountains.

I accept pain for those eyes.
I accept tears for those eyes.
I love poetry for those eyes.
They are
book of poems.

Oh God!

Look at me!
I know you are kind, I trust, but
are those eyes

Send a message on the winds this morning.
Tell those eyes, I miss them;
they are dear, but far!

By Roya


3 responses to “Eyes – A Poem

  1. I’m blown away by this! I thought your other poem was amazing — but this is even better. The spareness of your words make them all the more powerful and the images you paint are so real I feel as though I am seeing life through your eyes. I hope you will write many, many more poems in the weeks ahead.

  2. This is breathtaking, and exquisite. I won’t ever critique poetry, anymore than I would critique music: they come from a place that, for me, is purely visceral. This poem echoes. it resonates.

  3. My soul is blazing from a fire that
    needs to be quenched by an Afghan public
    rising up for peace and prosperity,
    why not start today!

    Foreign soldiers with guns in their hands
    can’t bring peace
    if the Afghan people don’t rise up
    to work together!

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