Women are Moving Forward in Farah

A new women’s organization for those who do not have enough information about their rights has just been established in Farah Province. About 180 women became members almost immediately, and registration is still going on. One new member said she learned for the first time that she could vote differently from her husband.
The Khaharan Afghan Moving Association (Afghan Sisters Moving Association) is a social organization which is already operating in Kabul and some other provinces. Here in Farah, they have begun running workshops for women about their rights, and how they might participate in up-coming elections in Farah province. This organization also goes school-to-school offering information for women.

“This is an independent union and aims to help women stand on their feet,” said Rabiha Ayoubi, the association’s provincial director. “To get information about their rights in life, we are planning workshops in different fields. We also plan to provide job opportunities for the women who are jobless and have no income.”

When women heard about this program, they started coming to the Women Affairs Department to join.

“I became a member of this union because there is opportunity for me to get more information,” said Mina, 20. “I also can share my knowledge with uneducated women. This is a step up for women’s progress. We all know that Afghan women have lost everything during the civil war. We have power, but we need more assistance. All women should come together to fight against injustice.”

Malali is uneducated, but she is also a member of this group. “The opportunity did not exist for my sister and me to go to school and become educated. We married when we were very young. We have no information about anything. Our first workshop was about elections. I learned a lot about elections and voting. I thought that I should vote for whom my husband is going to vote for, but now I know that everyone can vote for separate person.”

Liloma Sadiqi, a Women’s Affairs department director said, “Establishing this organization could be a successful way for women of Farah to grow. By working in this association, they could learn how to be together and how to find solutions to problems. From the name of the association, we understand that this organization wants to unite the women and that is very important work in Farah.”

By Seeta


3 responses to “Women are Moving Forward in Farah

  1. Sounds like an important and exciting step forward. I hope it succeeds and that you continue to spread the word about it.

  2. I was excited to read about this organization and hope it continues to educate women about their rights. I especially liked reading the quote from Malali and how she now realized she didn’t have to vote for the same person as her husband! On a technical level — I liked the way you organized this piece. I could have been reading it as an article in my local paper. Nicely done.

  3. This is exciting. How might people get involved to help with the mission?

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